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Happy Hand washing!

We are learning about keeping healthy and have been finding out about washing our hands correctly.

We have been discussing when to wash our hands, how to wash our hands and why we must remember to wash our hands.

This is what we think:

Tia thinks we need to wash our hands because we get germs on them.

Lilly says if we don’t wash our hands we will get a poorly tummy.

Lucas says his Mummy doesn’t wash her hands and she has got a poorly tummy.

Jack says you have to wash your hands quick so that we don’t get more germs.

Harley says we have to wash our hands after the toilet and before dinner.


Our Brilliant Bones.

This week we will be listening to and joining in with the Funny Bones song.

What do you think we would look like without any bones?



We talked about our bodies, here are some of our ideas…

Lily – “An X Ray shows you the bones inside.”

Katie – “Bones help us to walk.”

Safiyah – “We have lots of bones in our hands and feet.”

Carter – “Bones are hard.”

Harriet – “Our skull keeps our brain safe.”

Jack – “We’ve got lots of bones inside us.”

Taylor – “You go to the hospital to have an X Ray.”

Lilly – “Our brains are in our heads.”

Harley – “We have bones in our bodies.”

Sebastian – “Our knee bones move.”

Harry – “We have bones in our fingers.”

Charley-Mae – “Bones keep our heart safe.”

Jake – “Our feet have lots of bones.”

Charlie-Jak – “I’ve got bones.”


What makes a good teacher?

In Literacy we discussed what makes a good teacher. We watched the following clip to give us some ideas:

We wrote down all of our ideas and put them together to make a teacher pact for the year.

The adults in Kingfisher class promise to:

  • Smile and be happy
  • Play and have fun
  • Always help
  • Be kind and give praise
  • Keep you safe


All About Me

In literacy we read the book ‘But excuse me that is my book.’

We discussed how we like different things and what we like about ourselves.


Lucas – “I like Superheroes.”

Joshua – “I like Hulk”

Jack – “I like ice-cream vans and vehicles.”

Lily – “I like unicorns and mermaids.”

Joshua – “I love Transformers.”

Elliot – “I like drawing.”

Safiyah -“I like painting.”

Katie – “I like painting.”

Holly – “I like drawing.”

Ebony – “I like butterflies.”

Mason – “My favourite movie is Scooby Doo.”

Carter -“I like football.”

Riley – “I like drawing and painting.”

Taylor – “I like my teddy ‘Rosie’.”

Harriet – “I like bows.”

Ruby – “I like Peppa Pig.”

Tia – “I like me when I was a baby.”

Harry – “I like cars.”

Matilda – “I love Minions.”

Lyla – “I like Trolls and drawing.”

Lily – “I like superheroes and Hulk.”

Charley-Mae – “I like Princess Poppy.”

Sebastian – “I like spiders.”

Harley – “I like dinosaurs.”

Leo – “I like Spiderman.”

Jake – “I like Spiderman.”

Julia – “I like PJ Masks.”

Szymon – “I like PJ Masks.”

Charlie-Jak – “I like Pterodactyls.”

Darcie – “I like sandwiches.”



Get blogging with Kingfisher class!

Welcome to Kingfisher class blog page.

Throughout this academic year we will be blogging about the exciting learning that is taking place in our class and sharing examples of our wonderful work. We will be having regular blogging events, using the ipads and our interactive Smart Board to update our blog. We would love to hear from you and what you think to our work as feedback encourages us and helps us to improve our communication, language and writing. We hope our work can travel and reach people across the world so please share our blog page with others too.

For updates on other aspects of our learning and further information on our class you can visit our page on our school website –

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