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The Magic Paintbrush

We have read the story of the Magic Paintbrush and discussed what we would paint if we had a magic paintbrush.

Read the story together at home –

We practiced writing a high five sentence together as a group after sharing our ideas.

If we had a magic paintbrush we would paint:

A dog,

Pet fish,


A Princess because I like them,

A game,

A monster to scare away the Emperor,

A castle with monsters and dragons so the Emperor couldn’t get me,

A clown,

A hot wheels track.


We discussed how Shen painted for other people and thought about what we might paint for someone else.

A cat for my Mummy,

A dragon for my Mummy,

A flower for my Mummy,

A car for my family,

A flower for my friend,

A teddy bear for my friends.

What would you paint?






Cave Art

We looked at a piece of cave art and talked about what we think it means and why we think it was left on the walls of the cave.

This cave art is a painting of animals. We think they hunted them to eat them. They used lots of colours to paint, made by fruit.

The cave painting was a picture of lots of horses. We think the horses helped the people do jobs. The cave paintings told stories. The people liked doing the paintings. We think they used food to make colours.

Dancing Reindeer…

This morning we watched some CCTV footage of our classroom, last night three dancing reindeer appeared in our class and danced in front of our Christmas tree! They were very good dancers and we loved watching them. We had a chat about how we thought they had got into our classroom and where they might be now…

Holly – “Santa brought them.”

Riley – “They are hiding in the house.”

Safiyah – “They might be in the hall.”

Jake – “They came through a hole in the ceiling.”

Joshua – “They came from the North Pole, Santa’s magic helped them come through the wall.”

Joshua – “Santa gave the reindeer food to make them fly.”

Lucas – “Santa’s sleigh brought the reindeer through the chimney.”

Jack – “Santa helped the reindeer with magic.”

Harley-Jay – “Santa sent the reindeer.”

Lilly – “The reindeer opened our classroom door with their ears.”

Charley -Mae – “The reindeer came in the chimney.”

Elliot – “They sneaked through nursery into our class.”





Christmas in Kingfisher Class…


This morning when we arrived at school we discovered that our room had been decorated ready for Christmas, we have been thinking about who could have done it…

Here are some of our ideas…

Christmas Elf



Good Elf

Christmas sheep

Christmas bird

Donald Trump

Kevin the Kingfisher

Christmas baby

Christmas dog

Christmas cow

Good clown

Christmas teddy

We are going to keep a look out for more clues in our classroom.

Home Learning – Our model houses.

As part of our home learning this half term we have made  homes using box modelling, salt dough and play dough techniques.

We were very proud to share our work in class and would like to share it with you also.

Lyla – This is a tunnel, that’s the chimney and that’s the bed inside and a bathroom and some windows.

Taylor – I did my name with stickers on.

Mason – It’s batman’s house. It’s got a fire, a ball pit and a football.

Lily – Mine is made from a build a bear box! It has a real carpet inside and is a fairy house. The door can actually open.

Katie – This is the chimney, this is the people and that’s the eyeballs and then these are the windows.

Lilly – It’s made of clothes, Mummy put some glue on it and we both put stars on it.

Joshua – It’s made out of a box and inside there is a quilt made of Mummy’s sock. I did the TV and the food place. There’s a little slide. Joshua has also made a play dough house – I made it out of dough and made it flat and you can eat it too because it’s made out of dough.

Carter – I’ve put emoji’s on it and coloured it on the back. Inside there is something. There’s an upstairs and a downstairs. I’ve got a number 7 on it.

Julia – I’ve got television in.

Elliot – I made it out of cardboard and I painted it. We got some tissue paper and put it there for the curtains.

Ebony – This bit’s made out of a bottle, it’s Rapunzel’s house and it’s got princesses on too.

Matilda – It’s a tree house where you go in it and where you go out of it because there’s two doors. There’s even a crown!

Lucas – That’s the chimney and they’re the bits on the roof and there’s a fox next to it and there’s a window. There’s a sheep and a cow and a pig as well. Then there’s a really big roof and some love hearts. Inside is Andy and the clock. Lucas has also made a salt dough house.

Harriet – Me and Mummy put some toys inside and i put a love heart and butterfly and flower and golden star and a button and a balloon on the outside. Inside I put some more things like a light.


Magical Creature Home Blogging Challenge

This half term we are holding a special blogging event that will give children a chance to show their fantastic writing skills. For the challenge children could describe what the creature looks like, think about a name for the creature, think about any magical powers that the creature might have or think about a story about the creature.

You can type up your child’s ideas or they could help you to type it onto the blog.

Deadline – Thursday 30th November.

There will be a winner from the Foundation Stage who will receive a trophy and prize. The winner will have their writing published in the school newsletter and there are also several prizes available for runners up.

Please leave your comments below to submit your child’s entry.

We can’t wait to read your creative writing!

You’ve Got A Friend In Us!

We watched Year 1 class assembly where they celebrated the work they have done so far this term. When we got back to class we listened to the song that they sang and discussed what makes us a good friend.

Check out the song below:

You’ve got a friend in us because we:

  • Share
  • Play together
  • Make each  other laugh
  • Are kind
  • Help each other

Our Half Term

We have been talking about what we did during our week off…

(Please note our blog has been typed as the children have spoken using the words that they used). 

Jake – I go with Mum and Dad last week. I’ve got a hulk costume for Halloween, I got it for my birthday.

Ebony – I got a cat suit out.

Ruby – I went on holiday with Mummy, Daddy, Rhys, Leah and Megan to the beach.

Charlie-Jak – I went to a Monster party at Auntie Joy’s house. I was a vampire.

Leo – I played with Max and I played with Mummy.

Szymon – I played with my trains.

Tia – I went to Lidia’s party, it was a flower party and I went down the slide and banged my head. Lidia looked after me.

Mason – I went to the fireworks and I won a fish. I had to buy a new tank.

Seb – i went for a walk with my doggies and we went to Nanny’s and then we went for dinner.

Lilly – i went to get an enchanted witch with Mummy, Granny and Grandad. Then we went to watch fireworks.

Matilda – I stayed at my Mum’s and my Nanny’s.

Carter – I went to the fair and I went on a trampoline.

Julia – I played with my teddy bears.

Holly – i went to see the fireworks down the street.

Lucas – I went to Thomas Land and i gone on 2 rides and a boat.

Riley – I went to see the fireworks at Nanny and Grandad’s.

Safiyah – I went to a Halloween party with my friend Rita. I was a vampire and had my skin painted.

Katie – I went to get Halloween stuff. We got a pumpkin, it’s a Mickey one.

Joshua – I went to Matt’s house and made a skeleton and vampire with a pumpkin.

jack – I went on the Halloween trail. I saw two bats in a tree.

Darcie – I dressed as a witch and you press it.

Lily – I’ve been on holiday in the paddling pool. I went to Cyprus and I made a new friend, I’ve forgot her name. I also got to have fizzy pop!

Harry – I stayed at home and I went out but I can’t remember where.

Elliot – I carved a pumpkin like Owen’s. It had triangle eyes and a smiley face. It’d got a candle in it to light it up.

Lyla – i went to the zoo and I saw the giraffes and zebras.

Harriet – I went to Disneyland and saw Peppa Pig toys.

Taylor – I did a pumpkin and I scooped it out, I used a spoon.

Charley-Mae – I went to Matilda’s house. i played with her.


Our Rules…





We talked today about what ‘democracy’ meant. We talked to our Learning Neighbours and came up with some rules we would enforce if we were in Parliament…

Here are some of the things the children thought that they would make everybody do…

Everybody makes my dinner.

Make everybody go next door.

Mop my floors.

Nap times.

Play with marbles.

Play together.

We then held a vote to decide whether the children would prefer to play and eat chocolate or work and clean…


24 children voted for the play option and 4 children voted to work and clean!