Dancing Reindeer…

This morning we watched some CCTV footage of our classroom, last night three dancing reindeer appeared in our class and danced in front of our Christmas tree! They were very good dancers and we loved watching them. We had a chat about how we thought they had got into our classroom and where they might be now…

Holly – “Santa brought them.”

Riley – “They are hiding in the house.”

Safiyah – “They might be in the hall.”

Jake – “They came through a hole in the ceiling.”

Joshua – “They came from the North Pole, Santa’s magic helped them come through the wall.”

Joshua – “Santa gave the reindeer food to make them fly.”

Lucas – “Santa’s sleigh brought the reindeer through the chimney.”

Jack – “Santa helped the reindeer with magic.”

Harley-Jay – “Santa sent the reindeer.”

Lilly – “The reindeer opened our classroom door with their ears.”

Charley -Mae – “The reindeer came in the chimney.”

Elliot – “They sneaked through nursery into our class.”






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