Home Learning – Our model houses.

As part of our home learning this half term we have madeĀ  homes using box modelling, salt dough and play dough techniques.

We were very proud to share our work in class and would like to share it with you also.

Lyla – This is a tunnel, that’s the chimney and that’s the bed inside and a bathroom and some windows.

Taylor – I did my name with stickers on.

Mason – It’s batman’s house. It’s got a fire, a ball pit and a football.

Lily – Mine is made from a build a bear box! It has a real carpet inside and is a fairy house. The door can actually open.

Katie – This is the chimney, this is the people and that’s the eyeballs and then these are the windows.

Lilly – It’s made of clothes, Mummy put some glue on it and we both put stars on it.

Joshua – It’s made out of a box and inside there is a quilt made of Mummy’s sock. I did the TV and the food place. There’s a little slide. Joshua has also made a play dough house – I made it out of dough and made it flat and you can eat it too because it’s made out of dough.

Carter – I’ve put emoji’s on it and coloured it on the back. Inside there is something. There’s an upstairs and a downstairs. I’ve got a number 7 on it.

Julia – I’ve got television in.

Elliot – I made it out of cardboard and I painted it. We got some tissue paper and put it there for the curtains.

Ebony – This bit’s made out of a bottle, it’s Rapunzel’s house and it’s got princesses on too.

Matilda – It’s a tree house where you go in it and where you go out of it because there’s two doors. There’s even a crown!

Lucas – That’s the chimney and they’re the bits on the roof and there’s a fox next to it and there’s a window. There’s a sheep and a cow and a pig as well. Then there’s a really big roof and some love hearts. Inside is Andy and the clock. Lucas has also made a salt dough house.

Harriet – Me and Mummy put some toys inside and i put a love heart and butterfly and flower and golden star and a button and a balloon on the outside. Inside I put some more things like a light.



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