Magical Creature Home Blogging Challenge

This half term we are holding a special blogging event that will give children a chance to show their fantastic writing skills. For the challenge children could describe what the creature looks like, think about a name for the creature, think about any magical powers that the creature might have or think about a story about the creature.

You can type up your child’s ideas or they could help you to type it onto the blog.

Deadline – Thursday 30th November.

There will be a winner from the Foundation Stage who will receive a trophy and prize. The winner will have their writing published in the school newsletter and there are also several prizes available for runners up.

Please leave your comments below to submit your child’s entry.

We can’t wait to read your creative writing!


3 thoughts on “Magical Creature Home Blogging Challenge

  1. Safiyah

    This creature is called Gizmo.
    He is fluffy and has cute eyes. His ears are shaped like bells and one of his many super powers is that he can ring his ears loudly to signal danger. He can also fly ( using these big ears) and he is super fast at climbing with his little baby feet. On his head he has 4 little lumps which light up at night to show him the way. Gizmo lives in a cave underground.


  2. Lily P

    You can find this creature in the woods, but only in winter and when it is snowing, She loves the snow. This creature is a girl and I called her Snowflake.
    Snowflake has thick soft fur to stay warm and her big eyes help her to see for miles.
    her magical powers are that she glows in the dark, so that she can see her way and we can see her.
    When the snow disappears Snowflake hibernates underground until the next time it snows.


  3. Joshua Riley

    Once upon a time there was a creature called mummyhug. He is very fluffy and cuddly and his magical power is giving the best hugs in the world , especially to his mum. His best friend is called Little Monster ( from Justin’s House). Mummyhug likes to play with little monster and try to find lots of cuddly things to hug. One day they find giant Joshua in a Christmas Elf jumper and gave him the biggest Christmas hug ever . The end

    By Joshua Riley



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