Our Half Term

We have been talking about what we did during our week off…

(Please note our blog has been typed as the children have spoken using the words that they used). 

Jake – I go with Mum and Dad last week. I’ve got a hulk costume for Halloween, I got it for my birthday.

Ebony – I got a cat suit out.

Ruby – I went on holiday with Mummy, Daddy, Rhys, Leah and Megan to the beach.

Charlie-Jak – I went to a Monster party at Auntie Joy’s house. I was a vampire.

Leo – I played with Max and I played with Mummy.

Szymon – I played with my trains.

Tia – I went to Lidia’s party, it was a flower party and I went down the slide and banged my head. Lidia looked after me.

Mason – I went to the fireworks and I won a fish. I had to buy a new tank.

Seb – i went for a walk with my doggies and we went to Nanny’s and then we went for dinner.

Lilly – i went to get an enchanted witch with Mummy, Granny and Grandad. Then we went to watch fireworks.

Matilda – I stayed at my Mum’s and my Nanny’s.

Carter – I went to the fair and I went on a trampoline.

Julia – I played with my teddy bears.

Holly – i went to see the fireworks down the street.

Lucas – I went to Thomas Land and i gone on 2 rides and a boat.

Riley – I went to see the fireworks at Nanny and Grandad’s.

Safiyah – I went to a Halloween party with my friend Rita. I was a vampire and had my skin painted.

Katie – I went to get Halloween stuff. We got a pumpkin, it’s a Mickey one.

Joshua – I went to Matt’s house and made a skeleton and vampire with a pumpkin.

jack – I went on the Halloween trail. I saw two bats in a tree.

Darcie – I dressed as a witch and you press it.

Lily – I’ve been on holiday in the paddling pool. I went to Cyprus and I made a new friend, I’ve forgot her name. I also got to have fizzy pop!

Harry – I stayed at home and I went out but I can’t remember where.

Elliot – I carved a pumpkin like Owen’s. It had triangle eyes and a smiley face. It’d got a candle in it to light it up.

Lyla – i went to the zoo and I saw the giraffes and zebras.

Harriet – I went to Disneyland and saw Peppa Pig toys.

Taylor – I did a pumpkin and I scooped it out, I used a spoon.

Charley-Mae – I went to Matilda’s house. i played with her.



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