Our Brilliant Bones.

This week we will be listening to and joining in with the Funny Bones song.

What do you think we would look like without any bones?



We talked about our bodies, here are some of our ideas…

Lily – “An X Ray shows you the bones inside.”

Katie – “Bones help us to walk.”

Safiyah – “We have lots of bones in our hands and feet.”

Carter – “Bones are hard.”

Harriet – “Our skull keeps our brain safe.”

Jack – “We’ve got lots of bones inside us.”

Taylor – “You go to the hospital to have an X Ray.”

Lilly – “Our brains are in our heads.”

Harley – “We have bones in our bodies.”

Sebastian – “Our knee bones move.”

Harry – “We have bones in our fingers.”

Charley-Mae – “Bones keep our heart safe.”

Jake – “Our feet have lots of bones.”

Charlie-Jak – “I’ve got bones.”



One thought on “Our Brilliant Bones.

  1. Mrs Williams

    Puffin Class have been thinking about bones too! We thought about ways to keep our bones healthy. We think that you should drink lots of water and milk. You should eat lots of fruit and vegetables. You should also do lots of exercise and that will keep your body healthy too.

    Mrs Williams, Miss Carter and Puffin Class 🙂



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